Spring 2017

The seasonal cuisine is our specialty and, in turn, the hallmark of arce restaurant. You can taste the best products of each season.

The arce’s cookery is available to your palate.

See the Main Menu

The Chef Menu

Make your choice from the menu advised directly by Iñaki Camba, in the traditional method of the house where the chef take a place at the table and recites you the offering and suggestions to compose a full menu starting with the main courses and building it up with menu entries and dessert.

Long Menu: 80€ drinks not included
Short Menu: 65€ drinks not included



Fish and Meat with a smoke of birch wood

Portion: 10,00 €

Small salad of herring marinated

Unit: 7,00 €

Aspic of seafood

Portion: 24,00 €½ Portion: 15,00 €

Grilled razor shell with an asiatic touch

Unit: 4,00 €

Banana, foie gras and chocolate

Unit: 5,00 €

Egg yolk potato chip spoon and ideazabal cheese brochet

Portion: 6,00 €

Prawn and cod croquet

Unit: 6,00 €

Roasted leeks, almonds and shallots oil

Portion: 20,00 €½ Portion: 13,00 €

Hot or cold spoon of the day

Portion: 18,75 €½ Portion: 12,50 €

Roasted rataouille of vegetables

Portion: 20,00 €½ Portion: 13,00 €

Fresh mushrooms of the season

Portion: 23,00 €½ Portion: 15,00 €

Nest of crunchy vegetables with a poached egg and truffle sauce

Portion: 15,00 €


Red mullet tempura with brava sauce

Portion: 35,50€½ Portion: 25,00 €

Jhon dory with vegetables over a juice of green beens

Portion: 28,90 €½ Portion: 17,00 €

Spider fish with yougurt cream

Portion: 27,90 €½ Portion: 18,00 €

Tub gurnard in a ginger marinade

Portion: 28,50 €½ Portion: 17,00 €

Fresh Cod on its own sauce

Portion: 28,00 €½ Portion: 17,00 €


Red meat over truffle parmentier and mushroom sauce

Portion: 32,50 €½ Portion: 20,00 €

Steak tartar Arce

Portion: 32,50 €½ Portion: 20,00 €

Hands of pork and lamb mixed together

Portion: 27,30 €½ Portion: 17,00 €

Farm Birds!! What do we have today?

Portion: 28,90 €½ Portion: 20,00 €

Roe deer with pees cream and framboise

Portion: 27,90 €½ Portion: 17,00 €

Iberian presa marinated in a celery and turnip purée

Portion: 29,90 €½ Portion: 20,00 €

Our bakery desserts

Tatin Tart with sweet ice cream

Nuts Band with milk skin

Natural Curd using traditional cottage method

Tocinillo sky (sweet syrup with yold)

Orange sabayon tart cream

Millefeuille of white or black chocolat

Russian chocolate cake with coffee cream and fresh cheese

Puff pastry of the day

Ration: 10,00€½ Portion: 6,50€

Ice creams and sorbets

Fresh cheese, Sweet cream, Celery and mint

Apple with dripped Calvados, Bitter Chocolate, Lemon

Ration: 8,40€½ Portion: 6,00€

Natural Fruit

Ration: 10,00€½ Portion: 8,00€

Selection of cheeses

Ration: 16,00€½ Portion: 10,00€

Bread, appetizer with Veuve Clicquot and mignardises 10.00 €/person
Without Veuve Clicquot 6.00€/person
All dishes price have 10% VAT included.

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