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Scent of birch sawdust smoke for fresh meats and fishes

Unit: 11,00€

Oyster over olive oil and tomato coulis

Unit: 6,25€

Choco foie with mango or salting foie with pear with wine

Unit: 13,35€

Yolk on chip spoon and Iazabal cheese snack

Unit: 6,00€

Marinade hunt salad

Portion: 21,00€1/2: 12,00€1/3: 9,00€

Tender peeled and repelled beans with chatka, tartar sauce and truffle

Portion: 25,20€1/2: 15,00€1/3: 10,00€

Seasonal mushrooms in various elaborations

Portion: 26,00€1/2: 16,00€1/3: 12,00€

Daily Soup

Portion: 19,00€1/2: 13,00€1/3: 10,75€

Artichokes with mushroom filling and foie

Portion: 25,00€1/2: 16,00€1/3: 12,00€

Winter vegetables in different elaborations

Portion: 22,00€1/2: 14,00€1/3: 11,50€

Crispy vegetables nest with egg 63º and truffle

Unit: 15,00€

Gramineas(thick noodles) and different accompaniments

Portion: 24,00€1/2: 15,00€1/3: 11,00€




Lemon fish or “Lecha”

Portion: 29,90€1/2: 20,50€

Conger in tempura over spicy sauce

Portion: 28,00€1/2: 15,00€

Fresh cod with the Andalusian recipe and its cocochas linked with a touch of Biscay sauce

Portion: 29,75€1/2: 20,50€

Daily fish Semitartar

Portion: 28,90€1/2: 16,00€

Lobster with ground caviar and fresh Iberian bacon veil

Portion: 36,00€1/2: 25,00€




Controlled hair or feather, major or minor hunting

Portion: 32,50€1/2: 22,60€

Roasted and undercooked matured red meat with or without sauce

Portion: 36,00€1/2: 23,90€

Beef and lamb ravigot

Portion: 28,00€1/2: 18,50

Poultry breast roasted at the moment

Portion: 28,90€1/2: 20,70€

Different cuts of Iberian pork with its truffle marinade

Portion: 29,00€1/2: 19,90€

Bread, appetizer, water and mignardises: 5,00€ per person

All prices have 10% VAT included.

Our bakery desserts

Tatin Tart with sweet ice cream

Nuts Band with milk skin

Natural Curd using traditional cottage method

Tocinillo sky (sweet syrup with yold)

Orange sabayon tart cream

Millefeuille of white or black chocolat

Russian chocolate cake with coffee cream and fresh cheese

Puff pastry of the day


Portion: 10,00€1/2: 6,50€

Ice creams and sorbets

Portion: 8,40€1/2: 6,00€

Natural Fruit

Portion: 10,00€1/2: 8,00€

Selection of cheeses

Portion: 16,00€1/2: 10,00€

Iñaki's Menu

Create your own menu advised directly by Iñaki Camba, this is the traditional way of our home. The chef seats on your table creating a menu depending your preferences, starting with the main course and then adding several starters.

Large Menu: 80€ without beverages (6 starters + main course + 2 desserts)
Short Menu: 65€ without beverages (4 starters + main course + 1 dessert)

Complete your menu with a wine pairing for 33 €
Bread, appetizer, water and mignardises are included.

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